Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My God Wink

It has been 36 days since Nana took her last breath and left this Earth.  Not a day goes by that I do not think about her and pray to God for her.

One week after she passed we moved out of our rental and into our new home that we built that she never got to see.  It was a very emotional day and I prayed that she could have been with us to see our new home that I knew that she would have loved for her grandchildren.  I had gone back to our rental for one last load of boxes and noticed a package on our door.  It was a gift from my friend Brooke and I immediately noticed the return address for 1-800-FLOWERS...2325 Britt Road....

My son, Britt James, was named after his father, Travis Britt, who was named after his mother, Martha Britt.  As soon as I saw the address I broke down in tears knowing that Nana was with us.  I then started to look at the street number hoping to find some significance and then it came to me:

2- Jim and Martha
3- Christopher, Alissa, Travis
2- Emilie and Aftin
5- Joseph, Jacob, Ava, Denbigh, and Britt

Our Family

"Be Still and Know that I am God" 
Psalm 46:10

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Britt's 6 Month Stats

This cutie had his 6 month check up last week and as we expected, he is a little chunker.

Height is 27 inches, 75th percentile
Weight is 17 pounds 15 ounces- 60th percentile

Ava at 6 Months:
Weight: 14.8 lbs which is in the 25th percentile
Height: 26.5 inches which is in the 75th percentile

So while Britt is only in the 60th percentile in weight, he weighs 3 pounds 8 ounces more than Ava did which makes him a chunk in my book.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Britt James- Months 5 and 6

With work, building a home, and most importantly caring for two children, this Summer has been busy and I am behind on everything.

I was  three weeks late in taking the 5 month pictures of Britt, so there is not much change in the pictures between his five and six month photos.  On the day of his five month birthday, we introduced him to rice cereal and he did much better than Ava had done her first time.  We slowly introduced it into his diet with only feeding it to him once a day for the first week and after he was eating it three times a day, we introduced him to carrots and he ate them right up.  The following week we introduced him to sweet potatoes which he also loved and then we tried going back to carrots and he was not having it after eating the yummy sweet potatoes.  

While he is not quit mobile yet, I have a feeling that he will be crawling by the end of the month.  He can get around pretty well by rolling, turning, and scooting backwards.  Unlike Ava, I can tell that once he is mobile he will be into everything because he grabs for whatever he can reach.  We keep a basket of toys in the living room and when we put him down on this playmat, he always rolls off of it and we find him next to the basket pulling toys out.  We are working on him sitting up and he does well unassisted for a short period of time but I stay behind him to catch him when he does fall over.

He loves to talk still and when he gets upset, he will say mamamamamamamamama.  Ava said dadadada first so I am excited that these words are coming out of Britt's mouth, even if he is fussy.  This does not happen often as Britt continues to be our happy, contented baby and can entertain himself, loves to watch his big sister, and is so easy to care for.

 Bath time is still is favorite and is sits up some and will splash in the water.  He loves his Sofie the Giraffe teether, his Lamaze Butterfly, and his balls even though he does not like it when they get away from him.  We have been putting him in the Bounceroo some, but he does not seem to enjoy this as much as Ava had.  

Britt is our loving little boy and we are blessed to him in our lives.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Building Update

Our trim started ten days ago and it should hopefully be finished by this week.  While our granite was suppose to be installed last week, it was delayed because our butlers pantry cabinets were not installed yet.  The rest of the cabinets and the granite should be installed this week and also our upper deck is also scheduled to start.

We are 46 days away from our scheduled move in date.  I am beyond excited but also very overwhelmed by the amount of items on the to do list that still needs to be completed.

Britt James- 20 Weeks Old

Time is flying by and our chunky monkey turned 20 weeks old on Thursday.  I say it everyday but this little man is the best baby and makes being a mommy to two children so easy.  Britt wakes up and will lay in his crib and coo and laugh until we get him.  Then his day is all smiles and rainbows unless he is overly tired.  

I feel like he is already getting his first tooth from the amount of drool and chewing on things that he is doing but so far nothing has popped out yet.  Ava did not get her first tooth until she was 11 months old so we will see.

Love this little man!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Building Update

The last two weeks have been so busy at our home with workers in and out and it is finally starting to look like a home and I am looking forward to spending our mornings and evenings on our new screened in porch and enjoying the peacefullness of our street. 

This week our driveway and sidewalk was poured, our lot was graded, the tile is still being installed, and the trim carpenters are installing our moldings, closets, and built ins.  Last week our cabinets were installed, minus the butlers pantry, and I am so happy with our selections.  Next week the trim should be finished and the granite is scheduled to be installed on Friday.

We have met the majority of our new neighbors and was already invited to a community cook out.  There are so many children on this street that are always outside playing and I am so happy that we made the decision to build this home because I know it will be a fun place for our children to grow up.

Laundry Room Floor

Jack and Jill Bath Flooring

Guest Room Bath

Master Bath

Marble floor in Master

Laundry Room

Wet Bar in Downstairs Rec Room

Britt James- 19 weeks old

This last weekend we drove down to Atlanta to introduce Britt to his wife, Emmeline Blake, who turned a month old on the Saturday that we were in town.  Emme is the baby of our besties and we had a fun weekend hanging out with our families.  While Britt is only 15 weeks older than Emme, he looks like a little chuck compared to her.  We left Ava at Grandpa and Grandma K's and even though we were managing two babies, the boys were able to play 18 holes of golf and then the girls went out for lunch and mani/pedi's and we ended the day with a group activity at Top Shot where the boys got a little more golf in.